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Across the country Americans are rising up. Slowly but surely we are affecting concrete change, even in the face of the most daunting political opposition many of us have ever experienced. Our community has never been stronger.


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In the face of the passage of the AHCA, it is time for New York’s world class technology and creative communities to come together to combine tools and talents in support of the most basic of human rights, the right to health care.

Despite the passage of the AHCA, New York State is closer than ever before to making universal health care - health care for EVERY resident regardless of age, health, income, race, citizenship or other statuses - a reality. The Universal Health Care Blitz will be focused on creating assets that will aid the passage of the bill in the New York Senate, but which will be easily adaptable to a national movement.

More than 70 technologists and creatives are expected to convene for this day of speakers and creativity, with an agenda that includes the creation of multiple social impact campaigns and technology projects as well as a live-stream presentation of the day’s projects and a round of mid-day lightning speakers from the arts, technology and activist communities.

Immediate beneficiaries of the volunteers work will include Campaign for New York Health and Health Care NOW. In addition, the assets in the event will be repurposed and ported to initiatives in other states such as Ohio, Washington state, Colorado, among others. 



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